And So It Begins

Hello, world! This is my very first post on my blog that will, at the very least, make it so my front page actually has something on it! I hope with posts to come you’ll be entertained, intrigued, or at least be provoked to thought (if only for a brief moment). This semester I hope to pass all of my classes (of course) and set myself up for a great senior year. On top of this, I plan to write a blog post at least once a week (and try to make it somewhat meaningful). Lastly, as this is my first post, I feel it is only right to inform you, my dear audience, why I desire to be a teacher. The money! Haha, don’t I wish. No. I want to be a teacher so that I can pass on my passion for literature and reading to others, if even only for a year in their high school lives. I want to make a difference, and feel like I am contributing to the world. Lastly, I selfishly want to be around literature as much as possible, and what better way than to teach it?