My Fellow Bloggers

For those readers of mine who do not know, I started this blog not only for myself, but also for a class I am currently in called Educational Media Applications. That being said, my fellow students in the class have also made blogs, which I have been following. Here are three cool things I have learned from my fellow bloggers.

Megan Burbach’s blog – Now, I know that I talked about the SAMR model on my own blog, but Megan Burbach also made a great post about the SAMR model on her own. Rather than applying the model to an English ed classroom, she applied the model to a history lesson. Pretty neat. Basically, from Megan I learned that different (nearly) teachers have different takes on the same teaching-boosting tools. Check out the post here.

Ellen Luthanen’s blog – What I’ve learned from Ms. Luthanen is what Picmonkey is. In a blog post, she shared an image of her dog with a crown on it’s head. She shared this funny image to exemplify a point: teachers should use free tools like Picmonkey to liven up the classroom and make learning fun. Who wouldn’t want a teacher like that?

Ian Dorsch’s blog – Oh, I have learned many things from my dear friend Ian Dorsch, not the least of which is just how much someone can care about the impact they will make as a teacher. In one of his blog posts, Dorsch talks about how he hopes to make as great an impact on his future students as his former teachers did on him. He hopes to pass his passion for literature onto his students. In addition, Dorsch understands that in order to accomplish this transfer of interest, many different teaching resources will be essential. One last thing I have learned from Dorsch’s blog is that he, like myself, has been extremely busy this semester. Being an education major and an English major is no joke. How do I know? He only has two or three posts on his blog and he needs 8 more by next week!

If you liked reading anything that I’ve posted, I highly recommend you check out each of these three wonderful individual’s blogs. They are all future teachers like myself, and I have no doubt they will each bring something amazing to the field of education.


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