A Fun Tool for Formative Assessment

Who wants to make learning fun?! If you’re becoming a teacher or already are, I sure hope you do. Otherwise, what are you doing. Seriously, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Personally, I not only want my students to learn the content that I teach, but I also want them to enjoy doing so. Unfortunately, as many of us have experienced, when a teacher reviews how their students are doing or formally assesses them, it’s rarely fun. Remember Scantron tests? Yeah, so do I.

Well, good news. I’ve found a great tool to use for formative assessment, and it’s called Kahoot! That’s right, there’s an exclamation point in the name for the tool. WOOOOOO!!! So what is Kahoot!? It’s a FREE online tool that allows a teacher (or anyone, for that matter) to create short or long fun quizzes, surveys, or discussions. You can also add images, videos, and diagrams to spice things up. Now, once that has been created, you will be given a short code to give to your students, and, using whatever device they may have (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc) they can go to Kahoot.it and enter the code, giving them access to what you have created. One of the benefits of this tool is that it doesn’t feel like a quiz or a test at all, but rather a game that gets your students involved. I have loved the fun times I have had in class when my teacher used this tool.

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to use Kahoot! (though I do feel they do a great job on their website), check out this video.


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