Communication and Collaboration

Alright, so recently I’ve been looking at tools that educators claim really help them in the classroom in regard to both communication and collaboration. Who’d have guessed that with my title for this post, right?!? Anyways, one of the tools I found on a couple of lists was actually the very first technological tool that I thought of: Google Drive. I’m sure many of you have used Google Drive yourselves, but when I think about how it has affected my professional life, it’s essential.

Google Drive, for those of you who do not know, is a FREE tool available via Google that lets you store a multitude of files that you can create on your own, or, better yet, create using one of the many other Google tools, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and much much more. Why is Google Drive so great? Well, on any file you store in it, you can get a shareable link to give to others that allows them to access, edit, and download your file, or you could give them editing capabilities by going through the settings for any file. Either way, sharing is done with a click of a few buttons.

What does this mean for the classroom, then? This means that a teacher could create a collaborative writing project and let every student have access to the document. Though it might be hectic, I bet it would be pretty fun for an Elementary Ed teacher to have all of their students trying to contribute to a story at once on a Google Doc. Another thing a teacher could do is have a shared folder filled with every resource a student might need for their course. Yet ANOTHER thing a teacher could do is create spreadsheets that students can enter their names to in seconds. Really, the possibilities of Google Drive are endless. Oh, and get this. With Google Drive, everything is stored in the cloud. This means that no matter what device you have, if you can sign into Google Drive with your information, you have access to every file stored on it. This is, of course, as opposed to the old method of file saving, which meant you needed some kind of storage device, such as a flash drive.

So, for those of you who have read this and are now SUPER PUMPED about using Google Drive… get to it. Here you go.


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