The Green Screen

So, I’m sure everyone at least knows what a green screen is, as I did when starting a green screen project in one of my classes (Educational Media Applications). For those who don’t, green screening is when you film yourself in front of a green background and, using a recording device or video editing tool, drop in any background you like. I’ve been having lots of fun with the project, but sometimes it was a tad frustrating.

So why am I telling you about the green screen? Green screens are being brought into classrooms! They are a fun way to do projects that may otherwise be boring. What would you rather do: act like you’re in Shakespeare’s time with the globe theater behind you, or create a power point? Yeah . . . that’s what I thought. They have many applications and show your students that you can keep up with technology.

Why should teachers care? Well, I should hope this is obvious. Green screens are just another tool that they can use in the classroom to breathe some life into a lesson or perhaps a final project. Regardless of the parameters, it is almost impossible not to have fun using a green screen. As a teacher, using a green screen would separate you from the crowd and perhaps even impress your superiors. At the very least, you’d have a wonderful time watching your students’ collaborations.

Some questions one may ask about a green screen:

Q. Where can I find the materials for a green screen, and how much will it cost?

A. Actually, a cheap and effective way to build a green screen is by finding an open space and taping or hooking a green shower curtain to the wall. One would also need, preferably, a tripod and a recording device such as an ipad or camcorder.

Q. What devices can use green screen technology?

A. Certain apple devices can download apps (for a small fee) that warp the green screen behind you as you record, but also most computers can change the green screen while editing the footage on imovie.

Q. Where can I find an awesome example of a green screen project?

A. Look no further. Keep in mind, this was done for a school project and used a minimal budget: perfect for teachers!





  1. Jen Collins · March 17, 2016

    This is the bomb! Jessica just helped me and my students use the green screen room as well – what a hoot! I can only imagine the fun K-12 students would have with this technology as well!


    • wwingert · March 18, 2016

      Thanks! I can’t wait to try this out when I’m in the classroom.


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