Fun With Photo Editing

Sheesh, that’s a little off-putting, right? Who’d have thought your Shakespeare book could look so deadly. Originally this picture was just a snap of my Shakespeare book laying on my desk, but then I applied some of my Photoshop skills to it. I thought I’d try to make it something that it wasn’t- utterly creepy. By messing with some filters, applying them to only certain parts of the image, and using blood splatter brush vectors, I created a rather gruesome image.

Now, what’s the point of this? As a teacher, there are many times that images are used to help spice up a lesson or activity, but, alas, there is that pesky issue of copyright. By using some free editing tools (though Photoshop is certainly not free, I’ll use it if I have it!), a teacher can create their own unique images that tell a story. Now that I’ve created this image, when I introduce my high school students to Shakespeare, it’ll look as scary as they think reading it is!


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