Fun With Photo Editing

Sheesh, that’s a little off-putting, right? Who’d have thought your Shakespeare book could look so deadly. Originally this picture was just a snap of my Shakespeare book laying on my desk, but then I applied some of my Photoshop skills to it. I thought I’d try to make it something that it wasn’t- utterly creepy. By messing with some filters, applying them to only certain parts of the image, and using blood splatter brush vectors, I created a rather gruesome image.

Now, what’s the point of this? As a teacher, there are many times that images are used to help spice up a lesson or activity, but, alas, there is that pesky issue of copyright. By using some free editing tools (though Photoshop is certainly not free, I’ll use it if I have it!), a teacher can create their own unique images that tell a story. Now that I’ve created this image, when I introduce my high school students to Shakespeare, it’ll look as scary as they think reading it is!


The Evolution of Technology

Recognize what this is? Anyone reading this blog would probably know that this is a floppy disk, an outdated storage medium for computers. Anyone born after the year 2000 or so might not know what this device is, though. When I was a child, I played computer games on these bad boys and the graphics were about as amazing as you’d expect. Later on, when I was in middle school I again had to use floppy disks for a required typing class. Even then I knew that floppy disks were ancient and had long since been replaced by compact discs. It fascinates me that technology has evolved so rapidly during my lifetime that people just a few years younger than me can be oblivious to pieces of technology like this. Every year it seems like we can do more and more with the technology in our lives.

It can be a daunting and frustrating task to keep up with this constant development of technology, but I believe it is essential for teachers to do so. Some teachers cling to the past because they know it and are comfortable there, but I feel that they are not only limiting themselves, but also making the classroom less fun for their students. For instance, when I was told I needed a floppy disk for my typing class in 2007, I, along with the rest of the class, was flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of it all. Why wouldn’t you use a disc? Or even a flash drive?? So much more can be done with the better technology! In summary, if any teachers are out there still using a floppy disk, they should probably change with the times or take up a new profession as an exhibit in a museum.

And So It Begins

Hello, world! This is my very first post on my blog that will, at the very least, make it so my front page actually has something on it! I hope with posts to come you’ll be entertained, intrigued, or at least be provoked to thought (if only for a brief moment). This semester I hope to pass all of my classes (of course) and set myself up for a great senior year. On top of this, I plan to write a blog post at least once a week (and try to make it somewhat meaningful). Lastly, as this is my first post, I feel it is only right to inform you, my dear audience, why I desire to be a teacher. The money! Haha, don’t I wish. No. I want to be a teacher so that I can pass on my passion for literature and reading to others, if even only for a year in their high school lives. I want to make a difference, and feel like I am contributing to the world. Lastly, I selfishly want to be around literature as much as possible, and what better way than to teach it?